Terminally ill pets often have complex diseases that require home care. We can help during this stressful and emotional time.

Hospice care ensures that your pet is comfortable and can rest peacefully at home. This growing field is increasing in size as people are becoming more aware of their pet’s unique needs during end-of-life stages. Often times, pain medication is necessary for comfort, nutrition must be altered to meet current needs, and your pet’s environment may need modification in order to best accommodate physical or medical changes.

Our hospice care plan provides a comprehensive examination, a quality of life assesment, and a thorough treatment plan to ensure your pet’s comfort. We want all pets to live their remaining days at home, in their beds, with their loved ones, and we never want high cost to be a burden. Please contact us so that we can determine your specific needs.

Help ensure the comfort of your best friend in the calm and peaceful atmosphere of your own home.